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Driver CPC Deadline

Are You Ready? The CPC deadline of 10th September 2014 is only 75 days away, by which time drivers must have completed 35 hours of periodic training. You can check the number of hours you’ve completed by following this link. New users will need to register here. […]

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Social Media for Movers

Social Media Marketing   25 % OFF AIM Membership Before dedicating time and money to a social media campaign, it is worth considering what you can expect by way of return on your investment.Recent reports by online marketing experts show Facebook and other social media are more […]

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Dealing with a Misconception Compared to other trades, few of us would deny that movers are undervalued. It is widely believed by the general public that moving is a simple labouring task, so they only want to pay for what they perceive to be simple manual labour. […]

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Flexible Working

Flexible Working There is much talk on social networks about the imminent introduction of new flexible working rules. Put simply, employees will have the right to request flexible working hours, which could include spending time working from home, or starting and finishing later/earlier. This does not mean […]

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