A Quiet Year, So Far

A Quiet Year, So Far


For most UK domestic movers, business has been slow this year. The reasons are not entirely clear, but there seems to be too little interest in moving home, so not enough work to keep us all busy. We can only guess at the cause of this downturn, but most guesses involve the word “Brexit”.

There are many factors that can impact the removals industry, from the general “feel good factor” of the country, to property price volatility, fears about income security, or even stagnation in household incomes.

Whatever the current negative impact is, it will pass. So the trick is to avoid taking action that we later regret.

One such action is price-dropping. It may be tempting to drop prices in order to secure work, but the long-term damage can be devastating not only for the company in question, but for the whole industry.

There was a time when prices were governed by supply and demand. A typical house move was cheaper in October than in August, but with so many websites telling the public what they should expect to pay, putting prices back up when the quiet period subsides is becoming increasingly difficult.

We frequently hear of movers offering prices that barely cover the cost of labour and fuel. Though this may enable them to pay the wages at the end of the week, it doesn’t contribute toward static overheads, advertising, insurance, maintenance and an abundance of other expenses.

Another typical panic decision is diverting the marketing budget away from the company website’s SEO and into the bulk purchase of cheap leads. This not only means the company website will lose visibility when the market improves, but it can lead to a huge increase in workload, (processing leads and surveyor visits) for little or no gain.

Cheap leads will generally have a very low conversion rate and usually come from websites that focus almost entirely on price. Unfortunately, by the time their worth becomes apparent, a lot of time has been wasted and, unless the office staff work for nothing, time is money.

There are good lead providers, but they’re not cheap. However, if the conversion rate is high and they focus on quality of service, they are definitely worth using.



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