Building International Networks for better Business

Building International Networks for better Business

AIM is pleased to announce its opening membership to the wider world with an International Associate programme currently being developed.

It has always been part of our vision at AIM to create more than just a UK trade association. Our intentions are to build a network of movers from all over the world. Movers are already networking quite successfully with other UK movers via social media, but we want more for our members.




Scott Rust of AIM said, “We intend to help our members to build alliances with moving companies overseas. AIM’s goal is that one day our members will be able to tell their clients they are part of a huge network of movers from the UK, EU and around the world. We haven’t set a time frame for all this to happen, as we believe it will grow organically and at its own pace. We have already had lots of interest from movers in Europe, who like what we’re doing.”

AIM will encourage strong connections between its UK members and the International Associates, starting with our first AIM Associate in Australia, “Palmers Relocations”.

“Palmers Relocations” head office is situated near Sydney and can cover moves into, out of and throughout Australia. When asked if they will offer their expertise, advice and assistance to our members, Peter Tricklebank of Palmers Relocations said, “Absolutely. We’ll offer them all the help they need. We want to build strong, lasting relationships with your UK members.”

In a nutshell, this means all AIM members can now consider offering moves to Australia.

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