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Consumer Confidence

Consumer Confidence A major benefit of AIM membership is the confidence that it gives to customers. This confidence is reinforced by providing an easy route to resolve any disputes that may arise. The FHIO gives customers access to dispute resolution without the need for escalating legal expenses

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Working Together

Working Together Over the last three months the removals industry, like most other industries, has struggled to survive. Some movers decided to shut down and wait until the pandemic was under control, while others continued to work with stringent safety measures in place to protect themselves and

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Campaign to Save the Industry

Campaign for the Suspension of Stamp Duty to Help the Housing Market AIM and the removals industry in general requires your help to ensure we survive the current crisis. Since we are heavily reliant on the housing market, we ask you to contact your MP and the

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Dispute Resolution Service

Dispute Resolution Service Over the last few months AIM has been working hard to find the best supplier of Dispute Resolution services for all our members. We have identified one such provider and negotiated a deal that would benefit all AIM members and their customers. Once implemented,

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AIM Workshop

  GDPR – One Year On It has now been a year since the General Data Protection Regulations came into force and the impact has been negligible. As far as we at AIM are aware, the GDPR has caused no significant problems for movers in the UK.

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Owning Your Data

Owning Your Data The data you collect while running your business is a valuable commodity. A commodity is something that has intrinsic value and can therefore be sold and anything that has a resale value also has a risk of theft. We don’t usually see our data

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Complaint Handling and Reputation

Complaint Handling and Reputation Before joining AIM, an applicant’s complaint procedure is checked to ensure it meets certain standards because a strong complaints procedure is vital for protecting a company’s reputation. Every business receives complaints, either directly (by phone, letter or email), or indirectly via social media

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Avoiding Overloading

Avoiding Overloading In recent years, many movers have decreased their vehicle sizes in favour of 3.5T vans. This trend, (originally due to HGV driver shortages) is likely to increase with the introduction of more Low Emission Zones throughout the UK. A standard 3.5T van only has a

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Should Removals Insurance be Mandatory?

Should Removals Insurance be Mandatory? In the UK removals industry, the majority of movers offer removals insurance as an option. The standard practice is to inform the customer that the alternative to removals insurance is a limited liability of (usually) £40.00 per item. This can often be

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ULEZ Expansion

ULEZ Expansion On the 8th April 2019, an Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be in place in central London. Most vehicles will need to meet the tighter exhaust emission standards or pay a daily charge to travel within the ULEZ area. This area will be expanded to

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