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The Association Of Independent Movers are pleased to have partnered with A Place in the Sun Currency

A Place in the Sun Currency is a specialist currency exchange provider, established to assist UK property buyers transfer money overseas when buying a property

The experts at A Place in the Sun Currency will help you have a better understanding of exchange rates, their importance when purchasing a property, and how you can better protect yourself from fluctuating rates and save money that can then be put towards the costs of moving.

A Place in the Sun Currency can help you save money on anything from a deposit, monthly payments to cover your mortgage or spend your pension, or to assist in paying for any renovations on the property.

In addition to this, you have your own personal, experienced dealer in the UK to monitor the market for you to help minimise your exposure to the currency markets.

A Place in the Sun Currency handles all client payments through UK bank accounts held with Barclays Bank plc and Metro Bank.

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