Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

According to a 2018 survey by consumer watchdog Which?, 10% of home movers experienced problems with their removals company. As with most surveys, there is likely to be a degree of bias in the data (and Which? subscribers may not be a precise representation of all UK home movers) but if we assume 10% is reasonably accurate, then there is obviously room for improvement.

That suggests change, and with change comes opportunity.

There are many scenarios where removals companies are unfairly viewed as the villain, such as when access is delayed for many hours, but the customer still wants the work completed the same day. If the customer is not fully aware of the remover’s position on waiting time and late hours, it can lead to some very unpleasant conversations.

From a customer’s perspective, even though the removals company cannot be held accountable for delays in access, they may be guilty of inadequate communication and that qualifies as “problems with the removals company”.

We know delays are common, so many of us offer customers a Waiting Time Waiver to cover the extra costs. Not only does this remind the customer of the possibilities of delays, but it can also generate extra income for the remover.

If the Waiting Time Waiver is added (with a good description) as an option on the acceptance form, the customer will be far better informed on the issue.

“Problems with the removals company” was one of many issues exposed by the survey and it was not the biggest. The top three were;

  1. Delays in the chain
  2. Finding a suitable property
  3. Sellers leaving a mess

The last of these gives us an opportunity to provide an additional service. According to the Which? website, “one in seven (13%) homebuyers surveyed said the property they bought was left in a poor condition or with unexpected furniture.”

Removing the furniture discarded by the previous occupant and preparing the house before unloading could be seen as a valuable service. Maybe it will catch on, or maybe it will become a selling point for a small niche of movers.


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