Dispute Resolution Service

Dispute Resolution Service

Over the last few months AIM has been working hard to find the best supplier of Dispute Resolution services for all our members.

We have identified one such provider and negotiated a deal that would benefit all AIM members and their customers.

Once implemented, each mover will be showing another level of commitment and professionalism to the clients they move. It would also set us apart from other trade bodies and groups.

Being seen as professionals makes selling our services easier and instils further confidence in the customer to use us over non-members.

Our code of conduct and terms and conditions will be approved by the Dispute Resolution service, giving members and their clients further protection, which is something we feel is invaluable.

Members will be emailed directly with further information.


From the Office of the Traffic Commissioner

Digital tachographs and drivers hours: know your responsibilities

Traffic commissioners say some operators are blind to what their operators are doing and what their vehicles are being used for.

Your responsibilities

To avoid leaving yourself vulnerable to regulatory action, you should take a look at the tachograph rules. We have listed some of the things you must do below.

As a driver you must:

  • make sure the recording equipment and driver card are functioning and use them properly
  • only use one card (during the month before your card expires you may hold a replacement card)
  • allow your employer to download data from your card
  • apply for a replacement for lost, stolen or damaged cards within 7 days
  • always carry your card when working and produce it for DVSA officers or the police

As an operator you must:

  • make sure drivers carry out all their responsibilities
  • download the data from driver cards at least every 28 days
  • make sure the recording equipment is calibrated every 2 years
  • make sure defected recording equipment is repaired without delay
  • make sure the recording equipment is functioning correctly and is used properly
  • analyse data from the recording equipment and driver cards to check for breaches of drivers’ hours rules
  • download the data from the recording equipment at least every 90 days
  • have a company card to download the recorded data from the recording system


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COVID 19 Statement

The partial lock-down in the UK has led to many movers wondering if they are required to temporarily shut down their business.

Before you make a decision, please consider the following.

The lock-down is aimed primarily at non-essential retail and leisure in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

Transport and freight are considered essential.

See https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-guidance-on-freight-transport/covid-19-advice-for-the-freight-transport-industry

If you choose to continue working, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Follow the guidelines issued by the Government and instruct your staff to do likewise.


For domestic removals, clean all door handles and handrails, etc at both premises with an appropriate sanitiser.
Frequently clean all equipment (including vehicle cab interiors) with soap and water or a sanitiser.
Only send the minimum number of staff required (usually 2) to complete the job.
Request from the customer that they ask family and friends to stay away during the move.
Ask the customer to keep their distance during the move.
Don’t do home-visit surveys. Conduct surveys over the phone or by video call.

AIM believes that you should avoid all unnecessary work, but carry out essential work if possible.

AIM can’t and won’t tell you whether you should close your business. That is your decision.