DVSA Consultation on Driving Test

DVSA Consultation on Driving Test

On 14th July 2016, the DVSA launched a consultation on changes to the driving test. This consultation will allow members of the public to put forward their ideas on testing if new drivers are ready for the modern driving environment.

The changes are to:

  • increase the ‘independent driving’ part of the test from 10 to 20 minutes
  • ask candidates to follow directions from a sat-nav during the ‘independent driving’ part
  • replace the ‘reverse around a corner’ and ‘turn in the road’ manoeuvres with more real-life scenarios, e.g. driving into and reversing out of a parking bay
  • ask one of the vehicle safety questions (known as the ‘show me, tell me’ questions) while the candidate is driving

If the idea of the consultation is to reduce road fatalities, it would probably be a good idea to introduce more elements that focus on awareness of vans and lorries, particularly the space they need to turn.

If you have an opinion and would like to share it with DVSA, the deadline is Thursday 25th August 2016.

You can find more information on the DVSA website, or go directly to the consultation page.

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Van Girls Manager Position Available


As Van Girls continues to expand, they are looking for a Move Manager to become part of their team.

“We are looking for someone who will make this role their own and grow with the company, whilst getting the nitty gritty done well.  It is an opportunity to join us at an exciting and pivotal time in the business’ development, a chance to help establish new systems and foster blossoming customer relationships.”

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AIM Document Revisions

Revisions to AIM Members’ default Terms & Conditions, Membership Rules and renewal policy are in progress and will be distributed to all members on completion. These revisions will be implemented as a result of member feedback and input from the Steering Group.

Among the revisions are those proposed by the Steering Group in response to this year’s CHAPS changes and in response to feedback regarding Member to Member transactions.

There will also be changes to our policy on Membership Renewals.


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