How To Find A Local Storage Facility Near You

Find-Storage-Members in your areaStorage is growing in popularity in the UK with more and more domestic and commercial customers taking advantage of storage facilities.


There are many reason why Businesses, individuals and families need more space to store their belongings.  You can store almost anything for as long as you want. Storage services are used by businesses and homeowners throughout the UK, particularly if you have a lot of stuff, or if your new home isn’t ready just yet to welcome you with all the comfort you need.

Finding a local storage facility in your neighbourhood isn’t a big problem, provided that you know where to look for it. Thanks to the internet, you don’t even need to leave your house to find this type of services. For instance, the websites of reputable moving trade associations include a directory section, where they list their members with the services they offer, and with all the details you need to get in touch with them for a quote.

AIM is one of these associations that can help you find the best local storage service near you, thanks to their exhaustive members directory. Many of these companies offer self storage either in the UK or overseas, packing services, and custom clearance services. You can have your personal items and furniture wrapped, packed and shipped over to your destination, where they are going to wait for you in storage. The moving company shall handle all paperwork involved. This would enable you to focus on other important matters such as finding a new home, preparing your documents for the move, choosing schools for your children, and signing services agreements with local suppliers of gas, electricity and water.

You can use the AIM members directory to find local storage in your area of residence either by requesting quotes from the different removal companies using our online quote form, or by taking a closer look at each listing to find the specific services you need. Some of these movers focus on international relocations and on a wide array of related services, while others provide only local relocation services.

Our AIM Members Offer Various Storage Services:

  • Containerised Storage
  • Commercial Storage
  • Self Storage
  • Mobile Storage services
  • Collection and delivery Services
  • Purchase Boxes and packing materials
  • 24 / 7 Access facilities
  • Archive Storage
  • Data & Document Storage

Whatever their main area of activity, most of these companies offer a variety of storage services. In order to find the one that suits best your needs, you have to ask for multiple quotes, and then compare them side by side. Always narrow down your options to match your specific requirements. Seeking for full containerised storage for a full house of furniture and personal items isn’t the same thing as looking for a single item storage facility. Besides, the nature of your personal assets may also make a difference in the type of storage you should make use of. A piano, or any other musical instrument for that matter, may require special storage conditions, in terms of wrapping, temperature and humidity.

Whatever storage solutions you may be looking for, there’s at least one AIM member capable and willing to help. All you need is the patience and the commitment to do your homework the proper way. Your reward shall be a high quality storage service at an affordable price. Finding storage facilities shouldn’t be a hurdle to anyone.


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COVID 19 Statement

The partial lock-down in the UK has led to many movers wondering if they are required to temporarily shut down their business.

Before you make a decision, please consider the following.

The lock-down is aimed primarily at non-essential retail and leisure in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

Transport and freight are considered essential.


If you choose to continue working, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Follow the guidelines issued by the Government and instruct your staff to do likewise.

For domestic removals, clean all door handles and handrails, etc at both premises with an appropriate sanitiser.
Frequently clean all equipment (including vehicle cab interiors) with soap and water or a sanitiser.
Only send the minimum number of staff required (usually 2) to complete the job.
Request from the customer that they ask family and friends to stay away during the move.
Ask the customer to keep their distance during the move.
Don’t do home-visit surveys. Conduct surveys over the phone or by video call.

AIM believes that you should avoid all unnecessary work, but carry out essential work if possible.

AIM can’t and won’t tell you whether you should close your business. That is your decision.