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Existing members can access downloads, read articles and engage with other members at The Members’ Hub.



Why Join AIM?

Brand Awareness and Increased Sales

  • Use of all AIM branding for your business.
  • Company profile page on the AIM website giving outline of business and some pictures.
  • Customer reviews on company profile page.
  • Free sales leads generated form the AIM website.
  • AIM branding on Property website.
  • Free administration documents and marketing material available.


Regular newsletter to keep members up to date with ideas, news and Legislation. Free editorial to promote your business.

Internet Marketing

At AIM, we have a strong team of experienced internet marketing advisors that can help you to make your own website more productive, while the AIM website generates quality leads for your company and gets you noticed. AIM runs an active ad campaign on google to promote AIM and its members.

Support and Advice

As a member, you can call us for advice on any issue related to the removals industry. We will always try to help you to resolve the issue, no matter how important or trivial, in the strictest confidence. If it is a problem that we cannot help you to resolve, we will direct you to the appropriate company or government department.
AIM holds a bank of useful business documents for all members to use on the members area of the website such as Pricing for Profit, Risk assessments, Employing Staff and Training Staff and many more.

Staff Training

AIM is able to offer a wide range of training course’s run by our accredited trainer at either of our 2 training centres or at your premise.
Some of the course available are: Induction – Health and Safety, Introduction to Removals Industry, Materials used in industry, Barometers, Labelling cartons up correctly, Packing Books, Packing China and Glass and many more.

Code of Practice and Ts & Cs

Our Code of Practice is designed to support the mover in providing the best possible service to their customers. While protecting both the customer and the mover, the Terms & Conditions clearly describe what the two parties can expect from each other. Combined, the Code of Practice and the Ts & Cs ensure openness and transparency which lead to a better relationship between mover and customer, (thereby increasing the chance of repeat business and referrals).

Members Matter

At AIM, we feel it is very important to listen to our members. Therefore, we have created a members’ area on the website which, (among other things) allows members to tell us exactly what they think, offer ideas, discuss future developments and generally be part of the AIM community. We are also happy to talk to our members on any removals industry issue, either on the phone or at our offices. The AIM website also allows for easy exchange of work between members via the discussion boards and direct messaging, to multiple members, groups, individuals or all members at once.

Purchase Power

We look for the best deals for our members. This works better if purchases are made through our website or if you tell the supplier they were recommended by AIM. We don’t get commission or make money from the suppliers we recommend, so any benefit from the purchase power we gain goes straight to our members.

Free Reviews App & Review Cards.

All Aim members get use of our free app to use on their own website to show potential customers and help them buy with confidence, these are also tied into your AIM profile page on our website.
You overall Star rating is also favoured in SEO terms by Google and helps rank you search results better.

Networking opportunities

AIM regular hold steering group meeting for all members to meet up and discuss ideas and directions of AIM and policy matters.

AIM Social Media Groups.

Members can join the AIM social network groups.

More than Just a Badge

It is impossible to know how many people did not phone you, because you are not a trade association member. Therefore, the AIM logo has its own value that cannot be quantified. However, a logo alone is not enough, unless it is supported by a Code of Practise and Membership Criteria.

These are just some of the reasons why joining AIM is a good idea. After just one year of membership, we are sure you will notice many others.


AIM Application Form

Acceptance into AIM is dependent on the applicant meeting the Membership Criteria and providing evidence of the following;

I, the undersigned agree to provide the relevant information within 30 days of this application. I also agree to pay a non-refundable deposit equal to 1 monthly membership fee (£30.00 per month). I understand that the minimum membership is 6 months after which membership continues until I cancel, (giving a minimum of 2 months’ notice).


The Association Of Independent Movers
Unit 4, Skills Centre,
Twickenham Trading Estate,
Rugby Road,
Phone:0208 892 0369


COVID 19 Statement

The partial lock-down in the UK has led to many movers wondering if they are required to temporarily shut down their business.

Before you make a decision, please consider the following.

The lock-down is aimed primarily at non-essential retail and leisure in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

Transport and freight are considered essential.


If you choose to continue working, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Follow the guidelines issued by the Government and instruct your staff to do likewise.

For domestic removals, clean all door handles and handrails, etc at both premises with an appropriate sanitiser.
Frequently clean all equipment (including vehicle cab interiors) with soap and water or a sanitiser.
Only send the minimum number of staff required (usually 2) to complete the job.
Request from the customer that they ask family and friends to stay away during the move.
Ask the customer to keep their distance during the move.
Don’t do home-visit surveys. Conduct surveys over the phone or by video call.

AIM believes that you should avoid all unnecessary work, but carry out essential work if possible.

AIM can’t and won’t tell you whether you should close your business. That is your decision.