Membership Criteria


AIM is dedicated to improving standards within the industry. Therefore, if an applicant does not meet the required standard to join AIM, we will offer our help and support. It is our intention to provide assistance – not barriers.

Application Criteria

  • The applicant is a limited company or sole trader, carrying out removals in the UK and/or Ireland.
  • The applicant has suitable vehicles and equipment for carrying out removals and they have an Operator’s Licence, if applicable.
  • The applicant’s storage facilities, (if applicable) are fit for purpose and detailed inventories are used.
  • The applicant has adequate administration for written quotations, bookings, job sheets, after sales service, complaints procedures, insurance claims and all other documentation related to removals.
  • The applicant has access to all necessary removals equipment and uses equipment and packing materials that are fit for purpose.
  • The applicant has a UK based office or home-office, suitable for customers to visit. The address must be displayed on the applicant’s website and on quotes/contracts.
  • The applicant agrees to adopt the AIM Code of Practice and work within the Code on a day to day basis and ensure the Code of Practice is made available to all staff and customers.
  • The applicant agrees to be inspected annually.
  • The applicant complies with all rules, regulations and UK Law related to their business.
  • The applicant agrees to offer their customers protection against loss or damage, by means of insurance or a clearly defined limited liability.
  • The applicant directly employs, (PAYE) professional, uniformed, trained staff and all new staff undergo an induction and basic manual handling training.
  • The applicant agrees to be honest in all advertising and avoid misleading the public.


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