Membership Rates

Membership Pricing

The initial assessment cost is between £295.00 and £395.00, (depending on location) which is to be paid before the assessment commences. This covers our costs for the assessment and the administration involved for new applications.

The annual membership fee can be paid monthly over 10 months. If your application is successful, your first membership payment will be due on the date that your membership starts, which must be within 30 days of your assessment.

Annual re-assessments cost £295.00 and are compulsory.

Assessment and re-assessment costs do not form part of the membership fees and are not refundable if membership is denied.


Membership is £540.00 + vat per year, payable over 10 months via direct debit.

How to Pay

Payment for the initial assessment and Membership fee may be by cheque or bank transfer.

If paying the Membership fee in instalments, payments will be monthly by Direct Debit over 10 months.


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