Moving Home in West London

Moving Home in West London

West London has long been a prime location for professionals wishing to work in the capital without the burden of high Central London living costs. The public transport system makes this commute easier than ever before and the recent push for cleaner London air will result in increased investment in public transport services.

However, it is naïve to think of towns like Richmond or Kingston upon Thames as mere commuter towns. That would be no more accurate than suggesting everyone who lives in Twickenham only does so for their love of international rugby, or Wembley residents care only for football.

The towns of West London are thriving communities in their own right and though their proximity to Central London has no doubt helped, they have their own local economies and successful businesses.

As we would expect, London sees a lot of residential mobility, with people (and businesses) moving into and out of the city as their circumstances dictate, but in West London there is also a lot of mobility within the area. There has always been a high demand for local removals services that start and end in West London.

It is no surprise that there are many removals businesses in an area where demand for their services is high, but not all removers are the same. Many are little more than a man-and-van that could be delivering building materials one day and doing a house removal the next. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with this, it does mean there are many customers that receive a lesser service than they expect.

Professional removers invest is training and equipment that ensures the customers goods are appropriately protected. They provide insurance, written quotes and additional services such as packing fragile items and antiques.

Generally, a professional removals company will be in a trade association, like AIM, which will insist they work to a Code of Practice that ensures professionalism and consumer protection.

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