Really Moving’s Refund Policy Change

Really Moving’s Refund Policy Change

Following a comment made on social media about Really Moving’s refunds for uncontactable leads, we wrote to them for clarification about changes to their policy.

On its own, the addition to their policy seems harsh, but when viewed as part of the overall policy it makes more sense.

Here is Really Moving’s response to our letter;

It has come to our attention that there’s some confusion about marking leads as uncontactable.  I’m really sorry if this is the case.  We work really hard to get it right for our partners and we thought this would be viewed as a benefit.

So I’d like to reassure our partners of the following:

  1. Every single lead you receive from us has been through a double opt-in validation process. This means that you only receive the customers’ contact details once the customer has completed our form and clicked on an email to view their quotes.  If they have entered a false email address which they cannot validate, the lead goes into a big cyber-dustbin.  This has been our policy for many years.
  2. If the lead you receive from us is clearly from a competitor, send it back and you will not be charged.
  3. If the lead is from two people for the same property, or uses a temporary mailbox (we catch most of these), send it back to us and you will not be charged.
  4. If the customer has registered with the same email within the previous 28 days, you will automatically be credited.

Our NEW and ADDITIONAL false leads enhancement is….

  1. If you are unable to reach the lead by email OR phone, then mark it as uncontactable.  If all 5 firms mark it – ie nobody has spoken to or received an email from the lead – you will not be charged.  This can be done once a month as it is a rolling 28 month programme.  We spot check those leads marked as ‘uncontactable’ as they will have already been personally validated by the customer and sometimes have been converted by another panel member.

I hope you agree, this is not bad for £2.50-£4.99 per lead?

Really Moving didn’t mention why they added this new clause, but we’re quite sure it was out of necessity, rather than just giving users more to read.

Before the new clause was added, the system was open to abuse and users could simply mark any lead they had not contacted, (for whatever reason) as “uncontactable”, thereby claiming refunds they were not entitled to.

Although the added clause is not perfect, it is understandable. The real shame is that such a clause has to exist at all in order to stop abuse of the system.

All in all, we still feel Really Moving offers the best value for removals leads. If this ever changes, we will, at the very least, tell our members.


Two New Members

We are pleased to announce two more AIM Members this week.

Ring4Van Ltd and Eazy2move Ltd are both small movers with a commitment to providing a good service.

We look forward to working with both companies to help them grow their businesses.

Ring4Van Ltd has already shown commitment to customer service through joining Checkatrade and receiving good reviews. We hope that both new members embrace the AIM review system as part of their online marketing strategy.


Simply Business Seminar

There are still places available for the Simply Business Seminar on Tuesday 17th May 2016.

At only £90.00, (£45.00 for AIM Members) this seminar could help movers to save hundreds or even thousands annually, so it’s a good investment.

For more information, please email [email protected]


HSE and HMRC Webinar

On Wednesday 18th May 2016 there will be a webinar presented by HMRC and HSE, aimed at small to medium businesses that are growing.

For more information and to register, visit

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COVID 19 Statement

The partial lock-down in the UK has led to many movers wondering if they are required to temporarily shut down their business.

Before you make a decision, please consider the following.

The lock-down is aimed primarily at non-essential retail and leisure in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

Transport and freight are considered essential.


If you choose to continue working, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Follow the guidelines issued by the Government and instruct your staff to do likewise.

For domestic removals, clean all door handles and handrails, etc at both premises with an appropriate sanitiser.
Frequently clean all equipment (including vehicle cab interiors) with soap and water or a sanitiser.
Only send the minimum number of staff required (usually 2) to complete the job.
Request from the customer that they ask family and friends to stay away during the move.
Ask the customer to keep their distance during the move.
Don’t do home-visit surveys. Conduct surveys over the phone or by video call.

AIM believes that you should avoid all unnecessary work, but carry out essential work if possible.

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