Renewal & Cancellation Policy

The Association of Independent Movers would like to reassure all our members that our policy on renewal and/or cancellation of membership is designed to protect our members and former members alike.

Renewal of Membership

Membership is monthly and depends on the continued compliance of the Member with the Membership Rules.

Membership continues until cancelled by the member or by AIM.

Cancellation of Membership

Members can cancel their membership at any time, giving us two months’ written notice. Membership fees are not refundable.

Members wishing to cancel their membership will be advised on how to remove references to their membership from on-line advertising.

Members wishing to cancel may be referred a third party online reputation management company to assist them in removing membership references


Unauthorised use of Logo

Where a former Member has not removed a reference to their membership, (including logos) they will be notified and asked to correct the error.

Such notifications will give the former Member 30 days to make the correction. If the reference to membership has not been corrected after the initial 30 day period, the former Member will be notified again and may be given up to 30 further days to make the correction.

If a former Member persists in using the logo after this period, they may be reported to the Advertising Standards Authority and Trading Standards. Association of Independent Movers will take all reasonable steps to avoid litigation.

Where references to membership appear in printed publications, such as the Yellow Pages and other directories, the reference will be deemed as authorised if the former member was a member at the time of publication.

Exceptional Circumstances

Adjustments may be made to individual cases if there are exceptional circumstances, after consultation with the AIM Steering Group.

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