Status of UK citizens in the EU

Status of UK citizens in the EU

Since the UK voted to leave the EU, there has been much speculation about the fate of UK citizens living in other EU states. In some cases, writers have suggested that there will be forced repatriation or other sanctions on British expats that force them to return home.

Such suggestions should be considered “ignorant scaremongering”.

“There has been no change to the rights and status of UK nationals in the EU as a result of the referendum.” – Foreign & Commonwealth Office

There is no repatriation policy and it is highly unlikely that any such policy will be drafted and implemented.

The official line is;

“The UK government has been clear that we should always put citizens first. We want to strike an early agreement about the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, and UK citizens living in the EU and give citizens as much certainty as possible, as early as possible.”

There are approximately 1.2 million UK citizens living in the EU (almost one third of those live in Spain) and approximately 3.2 million EU citizens living in the UK. Given that there are almost three times as many EU citizens living in the UK, as there are UK citizens living in the EU, we appear to be in a good position to negotiate a fair deal.

To avoid misinformation, it is prudent to check sources. The most reliable source for Government policy is the Government’s own website. See “UK nationals in the EU: what you need to know”.

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