The Value of Membership Logos

At AIM we offer far more to our members than just the logo, but that implies the logo itself is not a valuable asset. This is not the case – particularly when the logo is displayed on a website.

Removals customers will usually do some research on the companies that they invite to quote for their move. More often than not, this entails searching for reviews and looking at the company’s websites. Although the reviews can be highly influential, the content of the company’s websites also plays a major part in influencing the customers’ decisions.

With few (if any) exceptions, all the removals websites will state that the mover offers a friendly and professional service, with many websites displaying snippets of customer feedback. This has become a standard template, not just in the removals industry, but in many other service industries.

The information the potential customer receives is almost identical across the range of websites they viewed.

So, in order to get the customer’s attention, (and ultimately – their custom) the website needs to offer a more compelling reason to click the “Request a Quote” button. This is where the AIM logo comes into play.

When displayed and linked to the Member’s profile page, the AIM logo directs the potential customer to additional information that can help them to make a decision. This can make the decision a lot easier. Does the customer use Mover A, who provides a friendly and professional service, or Mover B, who provides a friendly, professional service, works to a Code of Practice and is a member of a trade association that inspects them every year?

If you were in the customer’s position, which would you choose?

As we have said many times in the past, no-one will call you to say they don’t want you to quote for their move because you are not a member of a trade association. You have no way of knowing how much potential business you have lost.

Having the ability to display the AIM logo on your website is just one of the benefits of being an AIM member. If you want to know what else AIM can do for you, give us a call.

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