Tips To Find The Most Trusted Local Removal Companies

There are 2 basic but very important factors that need to be seriously considered when choosing a moving company – reliability and value for money. There are a variety of different ways in which to find the most trusted local removal companies in your area while ensuring that you get a comprehensive service offering at a great rate.

One of the best ways to do this is to use a comparison or online directory website that will allow you to localise your search criteria, assess the reputation of a specific removal company using reviews and compare prices and costs for different service provided by each moving company. It is recommended to find a platform that is dedicated to removal services such as the Association of Independent Movers who provide a premier comparison portal as well as the top advice on finding the best removal specialists.


Top tips for finding reliable, reputable and trusted local removal companies include:

1. Refine Your Search

Be specific regarding your unique requirements for your move. Include factors like the size of the move, whether you would like any additional services like packing assistance or have any items that may require specialised removal techniques, equipment and methods. This will help eliminate any removal companies that cannot meet your needs.

2. Read Reviews

Don’t just skim over the reviews provided on looking only at the ratings provided but rather read the reviews in order to gain a better perspective on the overall context of the reputation of each specific removal company. Just because one company has received a bad review here and there does not mean that they are not reliable but just that they received a couple of bad reviews. Give the positive reviews just as much consideration as the negative.

3. Get Quotes

Although pricing structures and rates for each individual listed moving company are provided, it is recommended to request an online quote through our quick and easy-to-use portal. A quote will ensure that you are getting a more accurate estimate to cover all your unique removal needs.

4. Compare Apples With Apples

Don’t just compare the total estimated cost of the move but also each of the services that are included in the quote. For example, one quote may only be slightly more expensive than that of a competitor but include additional services that the other removal company does not offer. This will ensure that you are getting the best value from your removal specialist.

5. Ensure To Insure

It is absolutely essential to ensure that your household goods will be insured against loss, damage or other eventualities throughout the entire relocation. This will give you the peace of mind that you can replace or repair items if necessary at no extra cost to yourself.

Of course comparison or directory websites are only as reliable as the information that they receive BUT using a trade association website like the Association of Independent Movers you can be rest assured that every company listed have to pass a Code of Practice ( read more on our removal company terms ) before they can become members. So be sure to return and add your own review and experience with the removal company that you selected.


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