Transition to Association

AIM Transition to Association

Although AIM was officially launched in October 2013, we began in August 2013, as reported in The Mover magazine article New trade association to launch at the Movers & Storers Show.

It is now four years since AIM was formed and we are preparing for the biggest step yet in our plan to pass ownership to the members.

By the end of this year, the Alliance of Independent Movers will become the Association of Independent Movers and all AIM members will be given a voice on how AIM progresses.

The transition will affect existing members in a number of ways. As an Association member, they will have the opportunity to influence decisions on important issues such as training, marketing, membership fees and membership criteria.

The Association of Independent Movers is already formed and registration of the Board of Directors is underway. The Board consists of AIM members and industry experts. Gordon Rafferty, Robert Beattie, Terry Cox, Gabby Gomes and Scott Rust are all members, (Scott Rust is also the founder of AIM, while Gabby Gomes has been a major contributor via the Steering Group).  Vince Robinson is currently a Director of the Alliance of Independent Movers and has been on the AIM Team from the start. Graham Puddephatt is an industry expert who has made valuable contributions to AIM and we are sure he will continue to do so.

We are making every effort to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible, so there will be a transition period of up to 12 months, (unless adjusted by the incoming Board) for members to change their stationery, vehicle badges, website logos etc. In effect, this means members will need to make the changes on or before renewal of membership.

The impending transition has led to an expected lull in new member applications but interest is still high. Some applicants are holding back on booking assessment dates until the transition is complete, while others have expressed their intention to apply once the new Association has been established for a few months.

If you would like to know more about joining AIM or how the transition will affect your existing membership, please call our office on 0208 892 0369.

Promoting AIM to the Public

Over the past few months we have increased our marketing to the general public, with adverts targeting potential removals customers.

We have also started our online video marketing campaign to raise awareness of AIM and more importantly, AIM Members.

As our membership numbers grow, more resources can be allocated to these and future campaigns, allowing us to produce higher quality media with a wider reach and greater impact.

Removals Manager Update



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