Using AIM Membership

Using AIM Membership

AIM has been steadily growing for four years now and has helped many members to stand out from the competition. Being a member of a trade association that focuses on consumer protection and quality of service has given members a competitive edge.

As AIM grows, we will be looking at ways to improve on those consumer protection measures and service standards, to make that competitive edge even stronger.

There are many good reasons to be in a trade association, some of which are less obvious than others. Help and advice on administrative issues or compliance with transport, employment or advertising rules make up a small part of membership benefit.

For the majority of members, the primary benefit comes from the ability to use their membership status as a marketing tool. In short, membership helps them to make more money.

As part of our continuous efforts to improve AIM, we pay a lot of attention to feedback, not only from our members but from movers that have no intention to join any trade body. This insight helps us to understand what the industry wants from a trade association.

It has, however, also shown us that there are still people who are unclear about the role of a trade association.

Trade Associations vary from industry to industry, but there are a few consistencies. For the most part, TAs are concerned with improving prospects and supporting the interests of their relevant trade.

TAs will often lobby the government and put forward industry perspectives on policy change or new laws. They keep their members informed of regulations and how to comply. They can also be very informative about industry innovations and development.

Although it is often possible to request quotes on the website, a Trade Association is not a lead seller or comparison site and beyond a requirement to follow a Code of Practice, they do not interfere in the day to day running of their members businesses.

What they usually do is give their members greater opportunities to secure more work, by showing the public that they are committed to providing a certain level of service.

This works better if;

  • The member advertises that they are a member, by displaying the logo.
  • The customer can check the requirements of membership.
  • The membership status is of some benefit to the customer.
  • The customer is made aware of those benefits.

All AIM members have a profile page on the AIM website, so they can display the AIM logo on their own website and link it to their profile page. This allows potential customers to check what the AIM logo stands for.

The profile page also allows the members’ customers to leave a review, so visitors can read what previous customers thought of the service.

AIM members have benefitted from advice and support on many issues, from employment contract advice to help with creating custom spreadsheets, but the greatest benefit is the ability to advertise their membership.

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