What Do You Do All Day?

What Do You Do All Day?

A question that office staff and managers are often asked, (not just in this industry, but in many others) is, “What do you do all day?”

The implication is that there’s not much to do in the office. A misconception that can cause a division between office staff and operatives.

Similarly, some movers may believe trade association staff do nothing all day, except sign up new members.

We can’t speak for any of the other trade bodies, but at AIM we are kept very busy.

Apart from processing applications and helping applicants to meet our criteria, we are often asked to advise on a wide variety of issues, from marketing to employee rights. This means we spend many hours on research as we need to be sure the information and advice we give is accurate.

As part of our agreement with our members and the Steering Group, we also work towards improving AIM benefits for our Members, promoting AIM to the public and increasing our membership numbers.

Website Maintenance
This weekend, the AIM website is undergoing a major overhaul in preparation for new online services, which will be implemented over the coming weeks.

The new services will include packing materials sales, to members’ customers. Delivering packing materials to self-pack customers can often be costly. The labour costs and fuel are not always considered when quoting, so the financial impact is on the mover’s profit margin. AIM members will be able to direct their customers to buy their materials online and have them delivered directly.

Improved member profile pages will allow customers to get a better understanding of their chosen AIM Member, with more detailed information at a glance.

We are currently working on a new property selling/renting portal that will promote AIM Members to the moving public.

We apologise to all the movers that are still waiting for Assessment dates and follow-ups. We are working through the backlog as fast as we can, while giving each individual case our full attention.

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