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About AIM

What We Do For Customers

The AIM Code of Practice ensures customers know what to expect from their moving company. It requires the AIM member to provide a quality service with good consumer protection measures.

The Right Tools

AIM members are required to have all the materials and equipment to carry out your move efficiently and professionally. Their vehicles must be fit for purpose and have appropriate materials to protect your furniture and belongings.

The Right Skills

Our members are required to train their staff and keep a record of their ongoing training. Members are required to have the relevant Operator’s Licence.

Monitoring & Feedback

AIM members are assessed every year, to make sure they continue to offer a quality service. Customers can leave feedback and comments about their AIM mover on the member’s profile page of this website.

If Things Go Wrong

Customers of AIM members can contact AIM if they have a complaint about their AIM mover. AIM can also help to resolve any disputes between you the consumer and a AIM Member ONLY.

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What We Do For Movers

The Association of Independent Movers was created to assist removers of all Sizes, to grow and expand their businesses while offering their customers a high level of service. For the mover with limited resources, or even larger more established businesses, AIM can offer a wide range of benefits. Some of those benefits are summarised below.

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Public Awareness

By focussing on the customer as well as the company, it is the goal of AIM to increase public awareness of the high level of service offered by AIM members. The customer of an AIM member should be happy to recommend their mover and any mover displaying the AIM logo.
As the logo clearly state’s the client should be Aiming for a successful move! And we are here to help the client “Target” those movers who can deliver that.


Marketing and advertising are vital to growing a business and AIM not only provides unlimited use of the Brand as well as lead generation, but offers help and advice on running a successful website. The AIM members’ site has a team of experienced internet marketers to help the site generate quality leads at no extra cost to the member, including your own profile page to generate business.


AIM also offers business advice for those companies looking to expand or move into new areas of the industry. Document templates and other resources are available to all AIM members, to ease the administration workload and increase the efficiency of the mover’s office.

Supplier Deals

AIM is always on the look-out for good deals for their members to help reduce costs from suppliers, so the savings are passed on to the members. This helps members to reduce their costs and therefore, increase profits.

A Quality Service

By following the AIM Code of Practice, AIM members can be confident that they are delivering, (and their customers are receiving) a high standard of service that they can be proud of and will deliver increased work and help them reach their goals, AIM high, AIM for professionalism.