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Posted 31/10/2023 in Removals Advice

Removals Insurance and why some items are not covered

Removals Insurance and why some items are not covered

In the majority of removers’ Terms & Conditions there is a clause that lists items that should not be offered up for removals or storage. While some have multiple reasons for their exclusion, such as legality or safety, they are all excluded because they cannot be covered by the insurance policy.

Top of the list of excluded items is usually your important legal documents, such as passports, deeds and securities. Then there are the high value items such as cash, credit cards, precious metals and stones, stamp collections, jewellery, etc. Most of these could be left with trusted friends or family, or maybe a safe deposit box.

Next there are items that could cause damage or contamination to other goods. Perishable goods, animals, plants and food are not only excluded because they might not survive a long journey or a period of time in storage, but because they could encourage vermin or other contamination. Even if your move is a short distance, these items should not be loaded onto the removals van.

Another category that speaks for itself is dangerous items. Though it includes obvious things such as firearms and explosives, it also includes the less obvious everyday items like aerosols and paint. Implicit in this group is items such as liquids which, if spilled, would contaminate the whole load.

Finally, there are the illegal or prohibited items. Stolen goods, drugs and other contraband are obvious, but there may be items that are perfectly legal in your country of origin, but have restrictions in either the destination or a country enroute.

It is important to check the Terms & Conditions of your removals company before presenting your goods for removals or storage. If in doubt, the mover will be able to tell if the item is prohibited and may suggest alternatives for moving or storing that item.